Samory Toure "Black Napoleon of the Sudan"

Samory Toure, who was a conqueror from West Africa, fought the French from taking possession of his homeland. He fought with such mastery, that the French military leaders referred to him as "The Black Napoleon."

Samory was born of humble means, the son of a poor Black merchant and a Senegalese female slave. Samory had become an idol of the other soldiers.

Being provoked by jealousy, the king demanded Samory be removed from the army and sent back to his homeland, Bissandugu, where he became king of the tribe.

Samory's homeland was attacked by the neighbouring King Sori Bourama. His mother was captured during this raid. Samory was unable to pay his mother's ransom, so he freed her by taking her place.

Samory, always desiring to be a free man, became a favourite of the king because of his splendid physique, his ability to throw a spear, and his knowledge of the Arabic language.

Samory defied all of his opponents and even conquered his former capturer, King Sori Bourama.

Samory expanded his empire to an area of over 100,000 sq. miles or more, making him the most powerful native ruler in West Africa.

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