Bonus Content - Rory Flack: Ebony on Ice

Welcome of the first of the "Your stories told your way" Segment

While interacting with people on Instagram, I often get contacted by individuals who have either carved out a place in history for themselves or have a connection to someone who has. So this segment is to give those people a chance to tell those stories for themselves. 

Unedited and raw, this recording is a conversation I was privileged enough to have with Figure Skating legend Rory Flack. She has a fantastic story and is the first African American to perform a black flip on Ice in a professional setting.

Flack began skating at age 5. At age 13, she met the pioneer for African Americans in figure skating, Mabel Fairbanks. Fairbanks inspired Flack to continue skating after wanting to stop at an early age due to racism. Two years later, Debi Thomas, Bobby Beauchamp and Rory Flack skated to three medals at the US National Championships. This was the first time three African Americans competed at the Nationals, and they all earned spots on the international team.

In 1986, Flack won the junior bronze medal at the U.S. Championships. She also competed internationally, winning the silver medal at the 1987 Grand Prix International St. Gervais. Her performance at the 1987 U.S. Championships attracted national attention and earned her an appearance with footage on Saturday Night Live. It was the first time a figure skater was on the show. 

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