Bonus Content - No Negro's On Netflix Part 2

Netflix is not representing BLACK BOY’s on it’s platform and I decided to call them about it. 

This is my follow up call. If you’ve not seen my previous video or listened to the audio please stop now watch it and then come back to this one………

Right, you back, all up to speed? Great So if you made it to the end of the video you’ll see that there is an address to write to. 

“I’ll do my bit, now you do your bit” he said. 

So now it’s time for us to do our bit. Grab a pen some paper and write to them. 

Winning the small battles is how you eventually win the war and fair representation is a war worth fighting.

The address is:

Netflix international B.V. 
Stadhouderskade 55
1072 Ab Amsterdam 

If you’d rather call the number is:

0800 096 8879

Or you can call them straight from within the app

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