Bonus Content - No dogs, No Blacks, No Irish

This is an interview completed with the Family members of Asquith Xavier.

The Interview took place over the phone with Ebanie Xavier and Edrina Xavier, who speak about their inspiring ancestor at length and give us an insight into what life was like in Britain in the 1960's.

Asquith Camile Xavier was a West Indian-born Briton who ended a colour bar at British Railways in London by fighting to become the first non-white train guard at Euston railway station in 1966. Trevor Phillips, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, said in 2006: "Asquith's stand against discrimination brought to light the inadequacy of early race discrimination laws and persistent widespread discrimination faced by ethnic minorities." A plaque at the station commemorates his achievement.

Xavier was born on 18 July 1920 in Dominica, which was then a British colony. He was a member of the Windrush generation of British African-Caribbean people who migrated to the United Kingdom after the second world war to fill vacancies in service industries.

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