Bonus Content - Jessica Jane Robinson / Resilience Birthright

In this episode I am joined by Jessica Jane Robinson. Jessica talks to me about reggae, becoming Miss Alameda and climate change .
In the show Jessica mentions her movie "Recycle woman" and so for your viewing pleasure I have tracked down the film and you can watch it here: 
She also mentions Reggae Singers Rankin Scroo and Ginger 
And below is a clip of the legendary Yellow Man performing at Reggae Sun-splash in Jamaica 
Jessica Robinson, selected candidate for Miss Alameda, was born at Oakland Children’s Hospital on April 5th 1984, to Pamela Jane Proctor and George Robinson. George Robinson owned his own Auto Body Shop and had his own reggae band George and the Wonders. Pamela helped promote reggae music in the late 70’s and was a huge part of the movement that brought reggae to the United States. The reggae music industry is how Jessica’s parents met.

In August 1994, her life changed dramatically! Jessica’s mother passed away and her father had to raise her on his own. Losing her mother greatly impacted her life‐ Jessica went from an out‐ going, happy, free spirited ten years old, to a confused, lonely child. She lost the aspiration to communicate with her peers. She felt they did not understand her life. She felt like an outsider. Her father was a strict parent and lacked the experience to raise a young girl entering her teens. A breach developed between them. George and Jessica could not easily get along trying to balance a teenager’s social priorities and the core curriculum of her school. By the time she was sixteen, and in high school, her father granted her to get legal emancipation and allowed her to live with Juanita Blair (whom she knows as a grandmother.)

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